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Despite the continuous advancements in healthcare, many people miss out on opportunities for treatment that should have been available to them due to economic disparities and environmental differences.

  • Inability to afford medical care(disparity in wealth)
  • Missing treatment opportunities due to lack of knowledge(information gap)
  • Many drugs not available in the country of residence(disparity in regulations)

Our company aims to bridge the gap by researching healthcare worldwide and providing valuable information to everyone, thereby preventing missed opportunities.

We strive to connect "healthcare" and "patients" and aspire to create a world where everyone can lead a healthy everyday life.

Our Strengths

Our strength lies in conducting research and disseminating information about healthcare and pharmaceuticals worldwide. We extensively investigate various countries' healthcare systems and the status of pharmaceuticals, allowing us to understand the differences.

By doing so, we bridge the gap in healthcare across borders and contribute to creating a more equitable and equal healthcare environment.

Furthermore, we provide solutions and pharmaceuticals tailored to individual people. Health is a crucial aspect for individuals, and each person requires care and treatment that suits their specific needs.

We are dedicated to delivering optimal solutions and pharmaceuticals based on individual needs and conditions. Our goal is to create a society where everyone can easily access good health.

Our mission is to build a better healthcare environment and contribute to the health and happiness of people. Through our services, we hope to assist customers in making better healthcare choices and achieving good health.

Our Strengths


Constant Research on Global Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Information

Constant Research on Global Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Information

We are continuously conducting research on healthcare and pharmaceutical information worldwide, keeping up with the latest knowledge.
Healthcare is advancing every day, and new discoveries and treatments are constantly being developed.
By staying updated on the latest developments in healthcare, including information on new medical treatments and pharmaceutical developments, as well as the latest insights on health, we contribute to the improvement of medical practices.

Investigating the Reality of Healthcare in Each Country

Investigating the Reality of Healthcare in Each Country

We conduct investigations into the reality of healthcare in various countries, collecting detailed data. Currently, in Japan, approximately 70% of pharmaceuticals used for treatment overseas are unapproved, resulting in limited treatment options.
Additionally, the process from application to approval for new drugs in Japan takes a long time, leading to situations where appropriate treatment cannot be promptly accessed within the country.
To address such challenges, we strive to understand healthcare systems in different countries and provide useful medical solutions quickly.

Dissemination and Awareness of Medical Information

Dissemination and Awareness of Medical Information

We engage in raising awareness of medical information and support individuals in finding the information they need.
Healthcare is a crucial domain that deeply impacts people's lives, and the provision of accurate information is essential.
We carefully select reliable sources of information from our collected data and strive to provide easily understandable medical information.
By making accurate medical information more accessible, we foster health consciousness and support individuals in leading fulfilling lives.

Creating the Future of Healthcare

Creating the Future of Healthcare

The future of healthcare as we envision it is one where individuals in need can receive appropriate medical care when they need it.
Despite the numerous challenges such as regulations and treatment costs, the current situation of limited access to medical information is even more significant.
We must eliminate the situation where treatments that could have been received with knowledge go unrealized due to lack of awareness.

To achieve this future, we work tirelessly to establish an environment where people can easily access medical information.
We disseminate information in a way that is understandable to everyone and make efforts to provide appropriate treatments.
Our goal is to ensure that no one is denied treatment due to a lack of information and to realize a future where healthcare is accessible to all.

Achieving Sustainable Healthcare

Achieving Sustainable Healthcare

We believe that achieving sustainable healthcare is essential for the well-being and happiness of individuals.
However, there are still many people who cannot afford appropriate medical care due to high treatment costs or cannot access continuous treatment.
Our mission is to ensure that such individuals can receive satisfactory healthcare consistently.

We contribute to society by providing safe pharmaceuticals, reducing treatment costs, and ensuring a stable supply of medications.
By doing so, we aim to create an environment where everyone can access affordable and sustainable healthcare.

Providing Transparent Pharmaceutical Information

Providing Transparent Pharmaceutical Information

High-quality pharmaceuticals are essential to ensure the safety and health of patients.
To ensure transparency in information regarding product quality, we engage in activities such as monitoring clinical trials, staying updated on the latest information, and providing information on side effects and risks.
We select only pharmaceuticals that meet rigorous standards and regulations and conduct thorough quality evaluations on the products.
Our aim is to provide accurate and transparent information to empower patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

Purchase Support for Hard-to-Obtain Pharmaceuticals

Purchase Support for Hard-to-Obtain Pharmaceuticals

Based on our corporate philosophy of connecting "healthcare" and "patients," we provide personal importation assistance services.
Through these services, it is possible to obtain pharmaceuticals that are difficult to acquire within Japan, thereby expanding treatment options. By doing so, we believe that it becomes easier to resolve illnesses and concerns, leading to a more fulfilling life for individuals.

What is Personal Importation Assistance Service for Pharmaceuticals?

Personal importation assistance service is a service that handles the negotiations, ordering, customs procedures, and other processes involved in personal importation on behalf of individuals. We assist individuals in obtaining pharmaceuticals from overseas to achieve a better quality of life through healthcare.

By using our personal importation assistance service, you can easily purchase overseas pharmaceuticals without the hassle of language barriers, delivery destinations, or payment methods. Many affordable generic pharmaceuticals with reported therapeutic effects are widely available overseas, and by importing them personally, it is also possible to reduce treatment costs.

As a result, treatments that were previously unaffordable or financially challenging to continue can become more accessible through personal importation.

Personal Importation Assistance Service Provided by Our Company

To achieve a better quality of life through healthcare, our company provides the following services.


How is the reliability of medical information ensured?

We collect data from reliable sources and update the information based on expert opinions and the latest research findings.

Do you provide medical information from other countries?

Yes, we conduct research on medical information from around the world and provide insights into the healthcare systems and latest trends in various countries. We also offer information to enhance understanding of healthcare beyond borders.

How is the information on the website updated?

We regularly gather and update information to maintain the currency of medical information. As we obtain important updates such as new research findings or pharmaceutical developments, we update the website accordingly.

What is the Personal Importation Assistance Service for pharmaceuticals?

In the context of personal importation of pharmaceuticals, we act as an intermediary between overseas vendors and customers, handling negotiations, ordering, customs procedures, and more. We take care of the hassle of communication in a foreign language and complex procedures, allowing customers to purchase pharmaceuticals from overseas with the convenience of domestic online shopping.


We are engaged in a business specializing in healthcare and pharmaceuticals.
Our company conducts ongoing research on medical and pharmaceutical information worldwide, providing the latest knowledge and insights. Additionally, we have a detailed understanding of the healthcare landscape in various countries and utilize that information to provide valuable support to our clients.
Furthermore, we offer efficient support tailored to our customers' needs when it comes to the purchase of hard-to-obtain pharmaceuticals.
Our mission is to contribute to the advancement of healthcare and improvement of health, and we strive to provide optimal solutions that meet our customers' needs.

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  • We constantly research medical and pharmaceutical information from all over the world.
  • Surveying the actual condition of medical care in each country.
  • Dissemination of medical information and education.
  • Support for the purchase of hard-to-find medicines.
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